PRI’s Studio 360: Why Theresa Rebeck obsessively finishes what she starts

Theresa Rebeck’s new play, “Bernhardt/Hamlet,” just opened in New York — her fourth play to be staged on Broadway and her 30th in total. When asked the secret to her prolific writing career, Rebeck explains: “A lot of writers have this neurosis around finishing things, ‘the terror of finishing.’ I have the opposite thing: the terror of the unfinished. And so once I get to a certain place in a script my anxiety goes really high until I write the end.”

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Wall Street Journal: Brooklyn Playwright Cooks Up ‘Dinner Theater’

The scene is a restaurant kitchen in a fashionable Brooklyn neighborhood. And it is true to form in all its detail, from the sleek, stainless-steel appliances to the oversize prep area suitable for a chef with an oversize ego to match.

But no diners will be coming to this restaurant because it is exists only on stage—specifically, the production of playwright Theresa Rebeck’s comedy “Seared,” which opened this week at Massachusetts’ Williamstown Theatre Festival. The show, which stars Hoon Lee, a Broadway veteran who also...

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New York Times: Creativity That Comes From the Heart and Lives in the Memory

If you want to find Theresa Rebeck, she is in Brooklyn, writing. That explains her prodigious output: She has written or co-written more than 20 plays (“Omnium Gatherum,” a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize; “Mauritius”; “The Understudy”), scripted cop shows on television, turned out a couple of novels and created the NBC show “Smash,” set in the world of Broadway.

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