All My Sons

Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Theresa Rebeck

The Alley Theater at the University of Houston, April 2015

“Under tyro director Theresa Rebeck (renowned prize-winning playwright of Mauritius, Bad Dates and Omnium Gatherum), the play generates enough steam to power downtown. There’s a momentous flow to it, as if it can’t be stopped. The pacing’s almost musical, swirling to a crescendo, hitting a peak, then spinning forward again to a higher peak. The surge is built in by Miller, but Rebeck conducts like a maestro.” – Houston Press

“Rebeck’s direction is both sensitive and potent, with a firm control of pace and mood. Even in the seemingly casual family interplay at the start, the spontaneous intrusions of neighbors, the sense of gathering intensity and urgency already is palpable. The occasional still moments are charged with anticipation, then dread. Rebeck keeps ramping up the dramatic power, to the pile-up of fiery confrontations…” – Houston Chronicle